DJ Zinhle’s Pavilion Mall Store Launch In Pictures

The business initiatives continue for DJ Zihle. From opening a brick and mortar store at the Africa Mall, she had ventured elsewhere, opening another at the Pavilion Mall.

The store launch had several of her friends and associates in attendance. The launch meant a lot to her, and she was grateful for those who came around. She also revealed she would be launching another store at Polokwane.

Fans thronged the comment section of her post, congratulating her on the launch as well as how far she has gone in life and business since she ventured out. Others said she inspires them and that they hope to be just as accomplished in the coming days.

DJ Zinhle, easily one of the most loved female musos out there, is trying to navigate a new arrangement in her family. Her vision is to have a blended family, with her ex-boyfriend AKA being in the life of Asante, the child she has with her current boyfriend, Murdah Bongz.

Murdah Bongz is present in the life of Kairo Forbes, the daughter Zinhle had for AKA. While AKA is cool with the blended family setup, Murdah Bongz is somewhat uneasy about it. Zinhle calls him the “difficult” one.

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