DJ Zinhle’s Surprising Revelation About Her Kitchen Skills

“Uzobuya” songstress DJ Zinhle has made a surprising confession: she cannot cook. The songstress might be good in singing producing, deejaying and all, but she has now thews in the kitchen.

This much became apparent when celebrity magazine Zalebs tried to hype her in a tweet. The magazine had asked if there was anything the songstress cannot do. DJ Zinhle had retweeted the question, confessing along the way that she cannot cook.

She added the hands-over-face and laughing emojis, which amplified the hilarity of the moment.

Her claim that she cannot cook elicited mixed reactions. While some of her fans laughed at her revelation, others commended her for her candour. A fan commented that cooking is overrated, adding the most important thing is to make more money and then hire a chef.

DJ Zinhle may not know how to cook food – by her confession – but she surely knows how to cook good music. She has released several hit songs, including “Umlilo,” since she became a professional DJ years ago.

Well, what do you think of DJ Zinhle’s confession that she cannot cook? You’re welcome to join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section below. Way to go!

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