DJ Zinhle’s Warms Hearts With Love Letter to Murdah Bongz

Famous hitmaker and businesswoman DJ Zinhle has touched hearts with her love letter to her husband, Murdah Bongz.

Despite what anyone might think, it is obvious that DJ Zinhle is very much in love with her man, Murdah Bongz. The famous “Umlilo” star has gotten so much criticism since she tied the knot with the Afro House DJ, but the couple has powered on despite the hate they get.

She was recently trolled by entertainment influencer Musa Khawula, who called her a lesbian in denial, but she chose to let it all go and spoke out in support of lesbians. Zinhle recently had fans in their feelings when she shared a love letter to her man.

She wrote, “This song and the message are a testimony of what God has been able to do in your life.. @murdahbongz I’ve watched you push through times.”

“Your stubbornness, the trust you have in your talent, and your dedication are the reasons why I will always celebrate you. Higher and higher baby. I’m so proud of you. Well done to @brenden_praise @murdahbongz and @gamma.”

Fans were so touched by the post that they took to the comments to praise the couple for always supporting each other.

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