Dlala Thukzin “Iplan” Is Gagasi FM’s Song Of The Year

Each year, different radio stations across South Africa release lists of what they call the song of the year. Diverse criteria are used to determine the list, but the most notable is that the song must have been resonant in the year of release.

Of course each year, hundreds and even thousands of songs are released. But not all of them turn out to be hits. However good a song is, it is also unlikely to charm everyone out there.

For those that manage to blow the mines of audiences away, they have a chance of popping on the list of the top 10 songs of the year. House maestro Dlala Thukzin found himself on the list, ultimately taking the top spot as the winner.

In a post on his official Instagram page, Dlala Thukzin shared about his win, thanking the award organizers for his win. His fans were in the comment section of his post to celebrate the win with him. You can check it out below.

Thukzin’s win shouldn’t be surprising because his “iPlan” tune that won the Gagasi FM Song of the Year was a big hit with many South Africans and dominated grooves at Christmas. Well, some solidarity.

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