DMX Wants To Battle Against Jay-Z

DMX wants to go against the GOAT if he would participate in a ‘Verzuz’ battle

The Verzuz battles organized by Swizz Beatz and Timbaland is one that has been entertaining music fans during the quarantine period. We have witnessed notable artists go into battle against one another to see who has a stronger catalog. So far, these battles have made us appreciate the talented artists that have been thrilling us with good music over the years.

DMX recently spoke about whom he would want to battle against song-for-song in an interview with NORE and DJ EFN on ‘Drinks Champs.’

While there are several contemporaries that he could battle against, DMX chose to go for the GOAT.

After NORE and DJ EFN asked if whom he thinks would fit as an opponent, DMX replied:


Surprise engulfed the faces of NORE and EFN as they listened to his response. After asking if DMX was talking about Jay-Z, he answered:

Yeah, who you think?

He added:

That would be battle number three.

Jay-Z and DMX have quite a history together which stems from the 90s. The two artists have once battled into what could now be called a hip hop urban legend. While some said that DMX had the edge, others believed that it was Jay-Z.

They would later settle the score on the Hard Knock Life Tour in 1999. Do you think DMX stands a chance against Jay-Z?

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