Doctor Strange Coming Back To The Marvel Universe, Hints Producers

If you miss Doctor Strange of the Marvel Universe, you might be in for something exciting, as producers of the popular series have hinted at Strange’s return – with a major twist.

Strange, the famous sorcerer, was killed off, and his wife took on the title he had before his death – that of Sorcerer Supreme.

But then, Doctor Strange has already made a significant impact in the Marvel universe, and his absence has been deeply felt. And yes, many viewers are unimpressed that he’s no more. So what’s the way out? Well, for whatever reason, it appears like Marvel is giving an ear to fans who want the great magician on the screens again.

But how would it bring him back to life without boredom intruding or somehow messing up with the storyline? Well, there’s a clever way to do that. And the person entrusted with that is no other than Clea, Doctor Strange’s wife from the Dark Dimension.

She would make an effort to bring her husband back to life. But, of course, it isn’t expected to be a walk in the park as she encounters fierce forces along the way.

But there’s more from Marvel – all steeped in suspense, as they should be.

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