Does AKA Regret His Infamous Video Call With President Ramaphosa?

AKA opens up about his infamous video call with president Ramaphosa

AKA speaks on whether he regrets his infamous video call with President Ramaphosa.

If you’ve been on Twitter since yesterday, then you must have felt a bit of AKA’s ire. The rapper has been furious at the SA government for the repeated ban on alcohol and cigarettes. He has taken to Twitter to voice his complaints about it all.

He revealed that over a million jobs in the alcohol industry would be lost. He slammed the government for not considering the people who would be out of jobs, and stated clearly that former president, Jacob Zuma would have handled things better.

A follower reminded the rapper that he had voted for President Ramaphosa two years ago to which he replied that he isn’t chained to the party. Reacting to whether he regrets his infamous video call with the president, he replied that he doesn’t. He stated that he had faith in the ANC and its leadership at the time.

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