Does Yanga Chief Still Write Music For AKA After Being Uncredited On Run Jozi?

Yanga Chief replies questions if he still writes music for AKA after not being being credited for his work on “Run Jozi”.

Yanga Chief has really grown to be one of the most sort after Hip Hop artists and songwriters in the country. However, there was a time when we all didn’t know him. That’s particularly the time when he worked on the hit song “Run Jozi” with AKA.

Sadly, he was not credited for his work on the song. Many have wondered how he felt about that, and if he still writes songs for Supa Mega. Do not forget that their relationship birthed songs like “Jika”, “Monuments” and “DreamWorks”.

Speaking to OkayAfrica, the “BBAF” star revealed that he felt bad about it but figured that people would still want to know the voice behind the song’s hook. Of course, that happened and we have all been impressed by him. Here’s what he said;

When I was going to the studio that day, I had to walk quite a distance. I’d walk a lot, but I remember that day I was interviewing myself because I had already signed off the success of the song. After everything I had been through to get to that point, there was no other way. And, not being credited on it came with a lot of… I had to question why, etcetera.

“But I kind of understood where it was coming from. I didn’t even have a single song out before that. And so I just looked at it as a challenge—one day people are going to know who did the hook. So the challenge is when people ask, “Who’s the guy on the hook?” And if everybody can answer and say, “It’s Yanga,” then I would’ve done my job,”

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