Doja Cat Alarms Fans With Disturbing Videos

American rapper Doja Cat has alarmed her fans after sharing disturbing videos on her Instagram stories.

According to Doja Cat’s fans, the singer and rapper seems to be doing too much these days. She has reportedly been sharing disturbing videos on her social media pages and making fans fuss over her well-being.

The “Say So” singer had her fans worried when she shared recent videos that were disturbing to watch. In the first video, Doja made bizarre sounds, mimicking monsters. When her fans seemed to have complained about it, she shared an apology, saying,

“You guys, I am so sorry, I did not mean that. I didn’t mean for me to do that video, that was really disturbing. I am serious.”

Then, she shared another video making the same sounds she had apologized for. The posts have aroused reactions from fans on social media. Some called the singer out for seeking too much attention, while others claimed she was trying too hard to seem edgy.

@visiaons wrote, “She’s trying way too hard to be edgy and weird while, in fact I cringe every time I see her and she gives me the ick.” @imnotauntblazer also replied, “I just don’t get how you can be nearing 30 and still think this is funny.”

Watch the videos here.

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