Doja Cat Apologises For Racial Controversy

Doja Cat apologises for the racial controversy days half her family is black from South Africa

releases statement apologising for racial controversy saying half her family is black from South Africa.

has been on the rise for while now. Recently, she achieved that when she topped the Hot 100 chart with her song “Say So” featuring Nicki Minaj. However, the singer trended over the weekend for things she did in the past.

Various racial social media posts, conversations and comments made by the singer a while back surfaced and caused a huge controversy. She trended all over social media with people calling for her to be cancelled. She was labeled racist by many.

She recently took to Instagram to share a statement addressing the controversy. She revealed she used public chat rooms to socialize as a kid. She also shared that she’s a black woman, and half of her family is black from South Africa saying she’s proud of where she comes from. She also apologized for her racist conversations and comments.



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