Dolly Parton Donates $1 Million To Moderna, Promising Vaccine Against Coronavirus

Dolly Parton has donated 1 million in funding for coronavirus (COVID-19) research.

The said sum given to Vanberbilt University Medical Centre, which is currently behind the COVID-19 vaccine Moderna.

The country singer admits she feels honoured and proud to have given money for researching what has been described as one of the most promising vaccines against COVID-19

She called herself a proud girl for having, in her little way, contributed to the research that might ultimately give hope to millions around the world.

During an appearance on NBC she had stated that she felt it was the time to open her heart and her hand – and help.

Dolly Parton is but one of several notable figures who have donated money in the quest for a cure.

The coronavirus pandemic snapped the attention of the world early this year and paralyzed several industries.

Some industries are yet to recover. Experts predict that, for several industries, recovery might take about a year. For other industries, experts see a five to ten year recovery period.

At any rate, the world is pursuing a cure and public figures like Dolly Parton are in the vanguard of the cause for a coronavirus-free world.

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