Domestic Violence: Moozlie Spits Fire

Moozlie is pretty exasperated right now and cares to see no troll on her mentions. The South African singer has been on a blocking spree, deleting every pestilent peep trolling her.

Negative and positive energies are not on the same wavelength, are they? Apparently not. If you discharge negative, best you stay on your own lane, as the singer, who recently stated she was unready for a female hip hop collaboration, is equally unready to entertain jarring energies.

South Africa, you well know, has a high rate of domestic violence, a situation exacerbated by the coronavirus pandemic. With several cases of women murdered by their partners making the rounds on social media, some peeps are calling for justice for the murdered women.

Others, for whatever reason, are making light of the situation, mentioning Moozlie in their tweets, and Moozlie isn’t having it. She is grieved, even exasperated, at the insensitivity some people are exhibiting, and she said she’ll be blocking them.

What do you make of Moozlie’s reaction? Is she overreacting in this case?

You may want to check out the details of her rants on Twitter, in the following screenshots below, and join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section.

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