Don Design Explains “Python” Music Video Release Delay

Care for an encounter with Don Design’s “Python” video? Well, so do we. But the music video for the song isn’t dropping soon. It might be delayed, according to Don Design.

The songster gave the reason in a recent tweet. From it, one can deduce that the confirmation of AKA as coronavirus positive is the reason for the delay. The plan was to shoot the video this Wednesday (tomorrow). But the plan is on hold right now.

In the same tweet, Don Design had wished AKA a speedy recovery to enable him shoot the video. In fact, he says he knows AKA would bounce back one thousand times stronger. AKA, alongside Moozlie, had featured on the song when it dropped awhile back.

AKA announced he was coronavirus positive in a press release a few days ago. He shared the press release on all his social media channels. He also shared the medications he was taking for the coronavirus he also implored his fans to obey health guidelines from the authorities.

Don Design said nothing about Moozlie, so one can guess she is free from the virus and ready for the video shoot anytime.

Well, we are watching events and will bring you the scoop when it drops. Stay tuned for updates.

John Israel A

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