Donald Encourages Mlindo The Vocalist In His Fall

RnB singer Donald has given fellow muso Mlindo The Vocalist a massive brotherly hug following the latter’s collapsing on stage during a performance.

A video showing Mlindo The Vocalist collapsing on stage and been unable to continue with his performance had gone viral, leading to speculations about what provoked his fall.

While some fans alleged that the songster was drunk, others are of the view his drink was spiked prior to the performance. Although opinions continue to fly across social media about what Happened, Mlindo The Vocalist has neither confirmed nor denied any of the opinions.

Instead, he had put out a statement on his Instagram page, apologizing to his fans for what happened and stating that he takes full responsibility for it all. He refused to blame anyone for it.

In his fall, he has been receiving massive support from his fans. The latest to join the solidarity train is Donald, who  told Mlindo The Vocalist that he is human and makes mistakes like everyone else, so he should be strong even in his fall.

He had thereafter provided a should for   Mlindo The Vocalist to lean on. The Vocalsit can reach out to him anytime, he said. See tweet below.

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