Donald Trump Bemoans FBI Raid On Palm Beach Residence

The United States’ former president has lamented what he described as a raid of his Mar-a-Lago Florida residence by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

In a statement following the raid of his Palm Beach estate, the controversial former president noted that the agents broke open a safe. The invasion reportedly had to do with secret documents. When Trump left office after losing to Joe Biden, he had allegedly taken some official files with him.

And the invasion of the property reportedly had to do with retrieving the allegedly official files. Back in February, for instance, the National Archives had noted it retrieved 15 boxes of papers that the former president should have handed over when leaving office.

Christina Bobb, attorney to trump, would confirm the raid, noting that papers have been retrieved from the property during the raid.

Trump is irked with the raid on his property and notes acidly, “These are dark times for our nation.” He also noted it was the first time in American history that such should happen to a former president of the United States.

It remains to be seen what direction the case would take following his public outburst. So stay tuned, if you please.

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