Dr Bone’s iGAGU EP Drops Soon

Warner Music South Africa has just announced one of its artistes, Dr Bone, will be releasing a new project titled “iGagu” EP exactly two days from now ― on August 20.

The record label shared the news in a recent post to Instagram, while also letting Dr Bone’s fans know the project is currently available for preorder. For the emoji crowd, the record label has got one emoji for the imminent project: [flame] .

Interestingly, Dr Done might not be as serious about the project as Warner Music South Africa. At the time of writing this, he has not posted the cover art of the imminent project on his main page (Instagram), where he has almost 7,000 followers. He only used the cover art as a profile picture.

Anyway, August 20 is pretty close. And as the leading South African music and entertainment blog, we’re going to share the project with y’all on release. If you don’t want to miss that body of work, you should subscribe to our newsfeed right away and follow our social media channels.

Are you looking forward to Dr Bone’s “iGagu” EP? Why or why not? You can share your thoughts with us in the comment section below, if you please.

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