Dr Dre Accuses Nicole Young Of Lying To Get To Get A Fatter Divorce Cheque

Embattled music producer Dr Dre has accused his estranged wife Nicole Young of lying to get a generous alimony.

The music producer and his wife are currently engaged in one of the most heated divorce cases in recent memory, with neither ready to give in to the other.

Just recently, the songster accused Nicole Young of bringing up his domestic abuse history after she realized that their prenup won’t give her access to half of his wealth.

Dr Dre made this known in new legal filings. He also denied that he abused Nicole before they got married and in the night before their marriage.

Back in January, Nicole had claimed that Dr Dre had held a gun to her head twice in 2020 and 2021. She’d also accused her estranged husband of punching her twice in the face.

By the way, Nicole is not backing down in her attempt to get more money from the music producer. She had previously contacted three of Dr Dre’s alleged mistresses to know if the music producer gave them cash gifts. She wanted them to sit for depositions.

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