Dr Dre Accuses Wife Of Holding to His Belongings After Split

Dr Dre has just treated fans to a little drama between him and his ex-wife. According to the rapper and producer, Nicole Young took part of his belongings with her and has refused to return them.

Nicole Young is insisting that the prenup she was made to sign 24 years ago was invalid. She insisted she was pressurized into signing the document in the first place, stating that Andre, the lawyer who had made her sign the document, tore multiple copies of it in front of her.

Her understanding of the tearing of the document is that the prenup was invalid. However, Dr Dre’s team is adamant the prenup was valid, as Dr Dre himself never tore up a copy of it in front of her.

Nicole Young wants a sizeable chunk of Dr Dre’s reported 800-million fortune.

The couple had two children together: a son Truice, 23, and a daughter Truly, 19.

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