Dr. Dre Doesn’t Want To Battle Against Diddy On Instagram Live

Dr. Dre stated that he does not know if he will proceed with the proposed battle against Diddy on Instagram Live.

Teddy Riley and Babyface have finally gone on a battle of the hits on an Instagram IG Live session. This was a part of the Verzuz challenge and at this time, there were minimal technical difficulties.

Dr. Dre called up Teddy Riley in the middle of their face-off and talked about the prospect of battling against Diddy on IG Live. This suggestion was made by Timbaland and Swizz Beatz.

Dr. Dre called Teddy Riley a legend and commended him and Babyface as they finally figured out how to live-stream. He repeatedly stated that he is not certain if that sort of challenge will be okay for him.

Dr. Dre said after Teddy Riley stated that he already knows that he would kill it:

I don’t know if I’m interested in it. I don’t know if I’m interested in doing that but we’ll see what it is. I was going back and forth with Puff earlier today.

Right now, we have no idea if the proposed Verzuz battle between Dr. Dre and Diddy on Instagram Live will happen. This will be judged on whether Dr. Dre changes his mind.

Who would make a good replacement for Dr. Dre? Do you think there’s someone that can match the rapper and producer?

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