Dr. Dre Recovering Nicely After Brain Aneurysm Scare

Dr Dre was recently rushed to the hospital over possible brain aneurysm. It has since emerged that the songster is doing fine and will be discharged soon.

The news that Dr Dre had been rushed to the hospital over possible brain aneurysm provoked great concern internationally, with fans and other musicians wishing the songster a quick recovery

In a recent tweet, LL Cool J, who popped on the music scene at the same time as Dr Dre, noted that his contemporary was “recovering nicely.” His message provoked a wave of optimism among Dr Dre’s fans.

Dr Dre apparently cemented this optimism when he commented on his state of being as well. In an Instagram post, the celebrated musician said he is doing great and will be back home soon. He thanked the medical team at Cedars for doing an excellent job of taking care of him

By the way, according to a 2020 report by the Brain Aneurysm Foundation, about 6.5 million people in the United States are suffering from unruptured brain aneurysm – that’s about 1 in 50 persons in the United States alone.

Got some good wishes to share with the songster and his family? You’re welcome to dtop them in the comment section below.

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