Dr Malinga Allegedly Buys Expensive Car & Washing Machine After Seeking Financial Aid

Months back, he had issues with the South African Revenue Services (SAR), which he claimed seized his properties and future. He detailed his woes in tears during an appearance on Podcast and Chill with MacG. He had thereafter publicly implored the public for financial aid.

And the rands started rolling in.

End of story, right? Not really. Dr Malinga recently flaunted an expensive McLaren and then a washing machine without giving any clues if he bought them or not. Naturally, this left the doors ajar to speculation, and criticisms started flying in.

Many social media users accused him of using the money he got from donations to buy an expensive car. Others noted he still hadn’t learned anything and was already squandering the money he got from the public instead of using it to plan and secure his future this time.

However, amid the claims, the songster had clarified that he doesn’t own the McLaren. He claimed it belonged to a friend, and he was only posing with it.

He didn’t address ownership of the washing machine. So he likely owns it, as it is near impossible for an adult to be posing with a washing machine borrowed from someone else.

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