Dr Malinga Announces “Lockdown” Song, Featuring Newly Signed Artist, Seven Step

Dr Malinga announces a brand new song titled “Lockdown” featuring newly signed act, Seven Step.

We dont know if you’ve heard but Dr Malinga has a new artist signed to his label, Lingas Entertainment. It is actually two new artists including Seven Step and Loverrsexklusivesa, who were announced at the beginning of the month.

Malinga has now announced a brand new collaboration featuring him and Seven Step. The announcement was made in a post on social media, where he shared the song’s cover art, and revealed the release date to be September 18, 2020. It is titled “Lockdown”, so you already know what it will be about.

This will mark their first collaboration together, and Seven’s first drop via Lingas Entertainment. We honestly can’t wait to see all that he does through the label. It already seems like it will be a rewarding partnership. Be sure to check the song out when it finally drops.

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