Dr Malinga Dismisses Death Rumours

Were the American novelist and raconteur Mark Twain to be alive and to be slammed with rumours of his death once again, he would probably have repeated his old witty self – that the report of his death is an exaggeration.

But Twain (real name Samuel L. Clemens) is no Dr Malinga, and vice versa. The South Africa musician, who’s a “Dr” by naming and not by qualification, has just been hit with rumours of his death, and he’s not having it.

Rumours of Dr Malinga’s death had trended on Facebook over the weekend, with many who knew him or were conversant with his music sharing their condolences with his family.

In response to the rumours he’s dead, had swiftly let the world know he’s alive and well and reports about his death are patent nonsense at best. He said he must have been mistaken for someone else.

By the way, was one of those who had welcomed the #CelebrityBoxing hashtag when it trended in South Africa recently. In response to Cassper Nyovest challenging Prince Kaybee, Dr Malinga had challenged ace to a kickboxing match. Of course, they never made it to the ring.

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