Dr Malinga Thanks EFF Leader Julius Malema for His Financial Support

Famous musician Dr Malinga has thanked EFF leader Julius Malema for assisting him with his finances after he hit rock bottom.

Dr Malinga is climbing back to the top where he belongs, and the famous singer is very grateful. It was reported that he faced financial challenges and owed over a million to SARS and was not sure how to pay the debt.

According to recent reports by Briefly, the famous singer confirmed that the debt of more than a million Rand owed to SARS had been paid in full. In a video shared by @ThisIsColbert on social media, Dr Malinga made the revelation and also gave a special shout-out to EFF leader Julius Malema for all the support he gave him.

He thanked the EFF leader for hiring an accountant to assist him in managing his finances. He also announced his upcoming television show, Khala Sigzize, which was inspired by the assistance he received and how he wishes to pay it forward.

Malinga revealed that he got help after he broke down on Podcast And Chill, “I cried, and I got help. Whether you laughed or not, at the end of the day, [I got help] . I have a show I will shoot next year called Khala Sigzize. I cried, and people helped me with love. They gave me about R150,000.”

Watch the video here.

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