Dr Malinga’s New Track ‘Asilali’ Stirs Mixed Reactions: Artistry and Controversy

The South African Music Scene: Malinga's Attempt at a Comeback Met With Skepticism

South African musician Dr Malinga recently debuted his new song ‘Asilali’ on TikTok, sparking varied reactions among the public. Despite his attempt to reclaim his former glory in the music industry, the song did not resonate well with many netizens, who criticized its lack of originality and creativity​

Netizens React: Humor and Critique

The song, with its thematic focus on sleeplessness, was humorously introduced by Malinga in a TikTok video. He performed the song in bed, humorously reacting to the chorus by jolting up from “sleep.” However, this light-hearted approach did not shield him from criticism. Netizens were quick to express their dissatisfaction, with some commenting on the repetitive nature of his themes and others questioning his overall creative direction​.

One user, UncleLwande, harshly rated the song, citing extremely low creativity and originality, while Allan_2801 expressed a desire to support local content but felt let down by the quality of the production. Another user, cjyah1, humorously advised Malinga to focus on rest, suggesting that his age might be impacting his artistic choices​.

Dr Malinga'S New Track 'Asilali' Stirs Mixed Reactions: Artistry And Controversy 2Dr Malinga'S New Track 'Asilali' Stirs Mixed Reactions: Artistry And Controversy 3

Financial Troubles: A Backdrop of Drama

Adding to the mixed reception of his new song, Dr Malinga recently faced financial difficulties, notably with the South African Revenue Service (SARS). He managed to resolve a financial issue by paying R100K to SARS. This incident followed a dispute with fellow artist Makhadzi over payment for a show, highlighting the ongoing challenges Malinga faces both in his personal and professional life​.

Dr Malinga’s journey in the music industry illustrates the complexities artists face in maintaining relevance and creativity. His latest song ‘Asilali’ and the surrounding controversies suggest a challenging path ahead as he seeks to re-establish his position in the dynamic South African music landscape.

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