Dr Musa Mthombeni & Liesl Laurie Share Couple Goals With Romantic Getaway Clip

At this point, one thing that should be obvious to those spitting at the marriage of Musa Mthoimbeni and Liesl Laurie is that separating the two will be pretty hard. The couple amplified this reality once again by showcasing their getaway adventure.

The couple announced their romantic getaway with a clip of them doing the ceiling challenge. They looked pretty good together as you will see in a bit.

Dr Musa and his former beauty queen wife are two people deeply in love with each other. In particular, the medical doctor is very public and effusive about his love for his wife.

As a result, some people sporadically mock him, calling him a simp while also pointing out that his wife does not gush about him publicly as much as he does.

From the look of things, he doesn’t appear to care about the criticisms. Instead, he has made it a point to continue to show his love for his wife publicly. He would rather wear the “simp” tag with pride. Well, can you beat that? 

It remains to be seen what their getaway experience will be at the end of the day and what aspects of that they will share.

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