Dr Musa Mthombeni’s Emotional Note To His Friend Akhumzi Jezile On 5th Death Anniversary

Some friendships run so deep that it is usually a source of deep pain when one of the friends dies and horrifically too. That’s sadly the reality of Dr Musa Mthombeni, who lost his pal Akhumzi Jezile in 2018.

Jezile, a television presenter, had died in a fatal car accident back in 2018, leaving his friends and family devastated. He might have left the material plane, but he is still very much alive in the memories of those who loved him, including Dr Musa.

So it wasn’t surprising to see Dr Musa take to Instagram on Jezile’s fifth death anniversary to pen an emotional letter to his late friend.

In his lengthy post, he wrote as though Jezile was sitting next to him and soaking up updates about a world he was unaware of for some time. Musa spoke about the changes South Africa had experienced since Jezile’s death. He also shared some details about the lives of some of their mutual friends.

Many South Africans who read the post got emotional and noted that Jezile would certainly love what Musa had penned together for him.

If nothing else, Musa’s post shows the beauty of friendship and the morbid reality that no one knows the hour.

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