Dr Nandipha Magudumana & Thabo Bester To Meet In Court Again

Expectations are high across South Africa, as convicted rapist Thabo Bester is set to appear in court again alongside his girlfriend and co-conspirator Nandipha Magudumana.

The last time the couple met in court, it made headline news across South Africa, with some netizens claiming that she had looked at him adoringly and the the two of them appeared happy to see each other after a while.

Nandipah and Thabo Bester were arrested as they tried to escape into Kenya from Tanzania. They were reportedly in the company of a Mozambican guide at the time of their arrest.

Thabo Bester, an ex-convict, stands accused of breaking out of prison with the aide of prison staff at the time. He had set fire to his cell and escaped in the whole confusion, leaving the dead body of someone who had been supplied to him in the cell to give the illusion that he was the one who perished in the slammer.

He was out there leaving his best life until he was spotted at the mall. Soon, word spread that he wasn’t dead after all but had filled the authorities. A manhunt started and he was eventually arrested.

He is set to appear in court next month alongside Nandipha.

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