Dr Peppa Erupts Against Music Promoters

There are sporadic conversations on how music promoters treat young artists, with no common verdict on the subject. Many are of the view, though, that promoters are in the habit of exploiting young artists, most of whom are just keen to be visible and advance their careers.

Well, one of those who believe in the narrative of exploitation of young artists by music promoters is the musician Dr Peppa. He has just made his thoughts known on the subject, further illuminating what some people have spoken about all along.

The songster shared his thoughts in a series of posts on his X account. He blamed promoters for how what performances sometimes are, They don’t put things in order for performers to do their job well. But then, when things go wrong, they are quick to blame it on the performers and not on themselves.

Because of their lack of coordination and proper planning, things sometimes go wrong. He believes they should take responsibility and not drag other talents into their failures. See the posts below.

Dr Peppa Erupts Against Music Promoters 2Dr Peppa Erupts Against Music Promoters 3

In his verdict, he has the support of some of his fans. But the question is, are the music promoters listening to what he has to say?

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