Dr Rebecca Malope The Clothes Designer: Mzansi Applauds Singer’s Latest Hustle

She is one of the notable names in South Africa’s evolving gospel universe. But Rebecca Malope has just shown that she is actually a woman of many parts and not a gospel singer alone.

The songstress has just ventured into designing clothes, with hopes of standing out in the evolving design universe in South Africa.

In a recent post on X, controversial blogger Musa Khawula spilt the tea about her latest adventure, pointing out that she has delved into the world of clothing design.

In the said clip, she was rocking clothes she reportedly designed herself. it might be said that she looked elegant in them, as you can see from the clip below.

The news of her delving into clothing design surprised many of her fans, but they were supportive regardless. Most praised her entrepreneurial spirit, with some of them wishing her great success in the coming months.

By the way, she isn’t the first South African musician to delve into fashion design, nor do we expect her to be the last. It is common knowledge that another notable musician, DJ Naves, is also a fashion designer – that’s besides his work as a medical doctor.

Well, welcome to the designing world, Dr Malope!

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