Dr Tumi Announces Upcoming Project “The Great Shepperd”, Live At Pont De Val

minister, Dr announces an upcoming project tagged “The Great Shepperd”, Live At Pont De Val set to drop soon.

2020 has been a year of music releases. We never thought there would be a year when some of our favourite artists would all drop new projects back to back. Fortunately, that is happening, and we are all excited about it.

minister seems to have moved on from the rumours spread about him. He has now announced an upcoming album and we are very excited for it. Taking to social media, he announced the album title to be “The Great Shepperd”, Live At Pont De Val, however he did not reveal a release date for it.

He only stated that the album would remind many of the good shepherd. He has released a few songs this year including “Udumo” Live At Pont De Val, and “You Make Us Whole”. This is something to look forward to.