Dr Tumi Clarifies That He Is A Qualified Doctor In Response To DJ Cleo’s Tweet

Dr Tumi responded to DJ Cleo's tweet by stating that he is a qualified doctor.

South African gospel singer, Dr Tumi, took to social media to respond to a humorous tweet made by DJ Cleo.

DJ Cleo grouped Dr Tumi with other celebrities who use the ‘Dr’ titles in their stage names but are not qualified doctors.

Part of DJ Cleo’s post said:

We need all the doctors on standby

DJ Cleo had made this post due to the coronavirus pandemic. Dr Tumi, however, responded that he might have been put on the wrong list as he is a qualified doctor.

Check out his post:

The talented gospel artist recently apologised to his fans for the delay in the release of Angesabi Lutho’s music video.

Dr Tumi shared a snippet of a song last year in November but we haven’t seen the music video up till now.

The talented singer explained the reasons for the delay on Twitter. He explained that it has been difficult to link the video with ‘Angesabi Lutho’s digital information.

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