Dr Winnie Mashaba Is Expecting – See Pregnancy Photos

Christmas is already in the corner, and for Dr. Winnie Mashaba, it would be a double celebration because she’s heavily pregnant as we speak.

In a recent post to her verified page, the celebrated gospel artiste had shared a collage of her heavily pregnant for. For caption, she had quoted Roman chapter 8 verse 31, which indicated that if God if for someone, no one can be against the person.

In other words, God has decreed that she should have a child, and there’s nothing anyone put there can do. She’s having a baby.

Her comment section had been thronged by fans congratulating her and wishing her the best going forward.

Although called Dr. Winnie Mashaba, the songstress actually doesn’t have a Ph.D. The “Dr” thing is just a title. Anyway, her core fans would tell you she’s a doctor of music – in the sense that her music can heal the soul.

Easily one of the most respected gospel artistes in South Africa right now, Dr. has been in the music industry for as long as we can remember and treated fans to several charming tunes, including “Eloi” and “Hayo Mathata.” Y’all gotta stay tuned for when she would deliver.

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