Drag Queens: Megyn Kelly Challenges Charlize Theron

South African actress Charlize Theron certainly stepped on many toes when she treated to fuck anyone up who goes after drag queens and their life choices. Megyn Kelly is one such person, and she is out there challenging the actress.

The whole controversy started with Charlize being a part of the Drage Isn’t Dangerous telethon, where she spoke against the discrimination against drag queens and the drag community generally.

In the telethon, she affirmed her love for drag queens, and the drag community, and threatened to mess up with anyone who tries to mess up with them. Her words elicited outrage from sections of social media. But she really didn’t mind.

Megyn Kelly was ready for the battle and asked Charlize Theron to come for her. She insisted that she is “100% against” her on that. Those words say tweeps sharing their thoughts on what would happen if the two women should meet.

Some feel that Charlize would beat Megyn up. But would she? Really, would she take up Megyn’s challenge? Well, we are following events and would bring you more details as they drop.

By the way, Charlize recently provoked controversy online after she dressed her adoptive son Jackson as a woman.

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