Drake Bell Jokes After Being Declared Missing & Endangered

A notice went out online that Drake Bell was missing, leading to a wave of uncertainty among his fans about what could have happened to him and where he was. The Daytona Beach Police Department had alerted the public that the former child star was missing.

In its post on Facebook, the department noted that he was travelling in a 2022 grey BMW and that his last known location should be around Mainland High School. The department noted he is considered missing and endangered and that anyone who has any information about him should do well to share.

In an update to its earlier post, the department had informed the public that he had been found and was currently in touch with law enforcement officials.

The post had provoked great worry initially, but there was massive relief online when the department shared the update on Bell. Things took on a comic note when Drake Bell himself later popped online and address the situation.

He made light of the situation, noting that he had left his phone in the car, only to wake up this morning to the news that he was a missing person. A laughing emoji indicated he was amused by it all

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