Drake’s Fed Up With Akademiks’ Attempt For An Interview On IG Live

American rapper Drake got on a live session with Akademiks on Instagram.

Drake and DJ Akademiks have always had bad blood between them, with drake treating him like his annoying little brother. Both have come a long way since Drake requested Akademiks “dip from my Live” during his mother’s birthday celebration.

Drake went on live Instagram few weeks ago to give Akademiks a shout out, after he dropped his awesome “Dark Lane Demo Tapes” project, which got a lot of his fans commending him, for the good work, he did on the project.

Akademiks was super hyped after the shout out, as he had been clamoring for the rapper to recognize him publicly. The DJ later posted a video on his social media page, where he was going ballistic, after he got recognized by Drake.

The two eventually hopped on a live session together, where Akademiks finally got the public recognition by the rapper, he had always wanted for a long time.

Akademiks took to making the moment about wanting to get an interview from Drake ,but the rapper shut the Possibility of an interview down, as he was just on his live to ask what he was drinking.

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