Drake’s ‘Toosie Slide’ Sets New TikTok Record

Anyone conversant with Tik Tok must have heard the “Toosie Slide” by Drake on the platform, now it is no surprise that the song has set huge record on the Tik Tok platform.

The song reportedly according to the Tik Tok platform said the Toosie Slide hashtag and dance videos has garnered one billion views in just two days. Making it the fastest music trend to hit the 10-figure milestone on the popular app.

The app further stated that the hashtag in general has garnered a total of three billion views since its appearing on the platform.

Kyle Jenner’s Rise and Shine hashtag was the first hashtag to achieve such views with a total of one billion views on the app, as far back as October and this was not few days rating, it was the total view rating.

The Toosie Slide dance was inspired by ATL choreographer named Toosie, when he was contacted the create a dance for the song.

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