Drama As Court Orders Mihlali Ndamase’s Boyfriend Leeroy Sidambe Ordered To Return Range Rover Autobiography To Estranged Wife MaryJane

The drama isn’t over yet between Leeroy Sidambe, his estranged wife Mary Jane, and the woman who appeared to have snatched his heart. Mihlali Ndamase, a beauty influence.

A court has just ruled that he retrieve the 2020 Range Rover Autobiography he gave to Mihlali Ndamase and return it to the previous owner – his estranged wife. The court also ordered him to pay a certain sum monthly for the maintenance of the car and other costs.

Sidambe’s drama dated years back. Firstly, it had popped up on social media as a rumour, with some sources refusing to name him. And then, it had emerged that he was dating Mihlali Ndamase, but she wouldn’t confirm or deny it at the time.

Along the line, though, she had named him as she celebrated his birthday with him in Dubai, which confirmed all the public had suspected all along.

And now with the court ruling that he should return to his estranged wife the car he previously gifted her but transferred to Mihlali Ndamase along the line, it would be interesting to see how he would react.

South Africans are certainly watching the drama unfold. You are welcome to tag along for more details.

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