Drama In Mzansi Hip Hop As Blxckie’s Manager Nandi Mwepu Is Accused Of Exploiting Him

In music, be it in South Africa or elsewhere, you are sure of not just the bars but some drama as well. Well, are having a little bit of drama down here, with the recent revelation that the rapper Blxckie’s manager Nandi Mwepu has been exploiting him.

A recent report by ZImoja claimed that the home and cars Blxckie thinks are his – the result of income from his music so far – are actually not his because they are all registered in Mwepu’s name. The same source also claimed that Blxckie is living his life oblivious to the fact that he is being exploited.

Mwepu is also said to be managing other musicians, including Anatii and Lucasraps. However, we can’t point to an ongoing drama between him and those musicians at this point.

Even Blxckie himself has not said anything regarding the recent claims that he is being exploited by Mwepu. His take on the subject would carry the most weight compared to what sources have been sharing with publications out there.

Either way, if he is being exploited, it will only bring to light once again a subject that has continued to plague the industry. Well, the ball is in your court right now, Blxckie.

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