Dreamville Rapper Bas Is Returning To South Africa

Dreamville rapper Bas is coming back to South Africa for Rocking The Daisies with special guests.

Mzansi is so fun that people can’t stay away. Dreamville star Bas has been to South Ah many times, and he still can’t get enough of us. The talented rapper has been on the road a lot recently, promoting his forthcoming project.

He announced that he is returning for the Rocking The Daises festival in a post shared on Instagram. “I’m coming back for another year of curating and performing Rocking The Daisies!!! A million thanks to the Daisies team for allowing, and entrusting me to bring another group of talented artists I call friends with me.”

Bas also revealed the names of the artists he’ll be coming with, including JID, Denzel Curry, Westside Boogie, MixedByAli, Shady Blu, and Malik Moses. This will mark his third time in the country. He also joined the Piano movement with the song “Passport Bros,” which features J. Cole.

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