Dresses, Shoes Donated As Part Of Rami Chuene’s Matric Dance Initiative

She is famous as an actress, but there is clearly also an altruistic part to Rami Chuene that many people are just begging to get familiar with. Insights into this part of her became public knowledge (to some people following her matric dance campaign).

There are, of course, learners and matriculants who might need dresses for the occasion but might not be able to get them. Enter the actress with her initiative to help as many as she possibly could. She announced the project online, and the support she has been receiving has been heartwarming.

In an update about the initiative, she noted that it had blown up, and she had been receiving support from members of the public, from notable figures to absolute strangers. Now that is one reason to be excited about the decision she took.

There have also been requests for the items being donated, even as more members of the public inquire how they can donate and if they can donate shoes as well as part of the initiative. last we checked, the actress said they can donate shoes as well. You can check out the tweets below.

Indeed, for those who might be struggling for the matric dance, there is a semblance of hope in the sky.

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