Dricus Du Plessis On Claims He’s Gay

When you are a celebrity, of course, many eyes are on you and whatever you do will be interrogated. South Africa’s UFC champ cannot be called the exception because he is not. He is facing serious scrutiny at the moment, with some people claiming that he is gay.

How did it come to this? Is he actually gay? What has he got to say to those claiming that he is gay?

Among other things, Plessis kissing his coach had people questioning his sexuality and some labelling him as gay outright. It hadn’t helped that on one occasion some of his friends were on speedos, apparently to imitate the look of one of the Springboks champs. Faf De Klerk.

Well, Plessis addressed the gay rumours during a recent appearance on the set of The Shadow Banned Show. He was dismissive of the claims, describing them as hilarious.

For the benefit of those who might not get the drift, he made it known in plain language that he is not gay.

Of course, although he has refuted claims that he is gay, it couldn’t stop some people from still giving him the ay tag. That’s one of the realities of being a

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