Drip Owner Lekau Sehoana Shares Motivating Message To Boity Amid Criticism

Drip Footwear owner Lekau Sehoana shares a motivating message to Boity amid criticism for her failed businesses.

Boity has been facing off trolls since her career took off. The star has recently been criticized for her failed businesses. People made fun off her perfume business failing and her stock being sold for 60 bucks. She shared a message saying she’s been learning from it.

Reaching out to the star, Lekau Sehaona, owner of Drip Footwear, revealed he found inspiration in her business journey. He told her that a fail business is part of the entrepreneurship journey. He wrote,

“Dear @Boity Like everyone else i saw the posts and articles. And like most entrepreneurs, i know exactly how and what failure looks like. A failed strategy, a failed business, a failed product, doesn’t make a failure of a humanbeing. when we develop products, we have certain percentages we expect to get from them. Either good or bad. And we have follow up products lined up should one not do well.”

“Which makes entrepreneurship, and especially product building an ongoing process. It’ll never be the finish line…When i saw your short instagram response, i got very inspired…Boity, you’re doing so well. I applaud you for having started and being positive. Please never give up and keep going. This is exactly what Entrepreneurship is about.”

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