Drug Allegations: Lance Stehr Sues Bongani Fassie & Moja Love

Ghetto Ruff label boss has sued and Moja Love, fulfilling the threat he made earlier against the only surviving son of late pop icon Brenda and the television station.

In one of the episodes of his reality show Finding Bongani, the producer had claimed that he had been given cocaine by Lance in the past.

At the time, a furious had demanded an apology and a retraction, threatening to sue Bogani and the television station broadcasting his show. He’s just made good his threat.

claims to be anti-drug, insisting he could never have run a successful record label by encouraging artists to do drugs.

Singer had also risen to Lance Stehr’s defence detailing how the music producer helped him overcome his drug troubles. Morabe, a one-time artist at Ghetto Ruff, has a similar story.

According to Morabe, he had a long battle with drugs, but was the one who helped him out by taking him to rehab.

It’s unknown how Bongani would respond to the lawsuit slapped on him.

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