Drunk Patrons Vandalise King Monada’s Home For Not Showing Up at a Gig in Bolobedu

Drunk patrons reportedly vandalized Bolo House music star King Monada’s home after he failed to show up for a gig in Bolobedu.

The news surrounding King Monada recently has been awful. The star was once accused of not paying a security personnel who worked at his One Man Show. He also got called out for not taking a photo with a die-hard fan. A recent report by MDN News says the star failed to show up at a gig at Madupa Lodge in Tzaneen, on Saturday, 10 February 2024.

This led the lodge owner to go to his place with drunk patrons to seek answers, during which his house was vandalized.

MDN News wrote, “Lodge owner go to King Monada’s house to demand answers after a no show.The family of King Monada and security guards were intimated and physically attacked by a group of angry patrons after he failed to show up at a padi gig on 10 February 2024 at Madupa lodge in Bolobedu.”

“According to a statement released by Monada music, the no show was because of multiple gigs he had to attend at various places. It is alleged the Lodge owner along with the support of the drunk patrons marched to Monada’s place to demand answers. As such, some drunk patrons are alleged to have vandalized his property and harassing and intimidating the people close to him.”Drunk Patrons Vandalise King Monada’s Home For Not Showing Up At A Gig In Bolobedu 2

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