Dubai Disappearance: Khanyi Mbau Is Alive & Well

South African actress and socialite Khanyi Mbau is alive and well, and she’s keen the public should k ow this and stop worrying about her.

On vacation to the United Arab Emirates with her Zimbabwean lover Kudzai Terrence Mushonga, she had, according to him, vanished and wasn’t answering her calls. Worried, he had started posting on his Instagram Stories, wondering if she had ditched him for another man.

His post had elicited mixed reactions at the time, with some social media users speculating she might have been harmed and others already weaving conspiracy theories about what had happened.

In the evening of August 31, though, Mushonga had updated his stories, indicating she was back to him and that he loves her deeply. Thanks to the post, relief swept across Mzansi social media.

But many were still unconvinced she was okay and alive. But when TimesLive reached out to her, she had reportedly stated she was alive and well. She also thanked those who were concerned for her safety.

It is the first time the actress is known to have disappeared during a vacation with a lover. Also, she has not detailed what happened and why Mushonga had to look for her and not find her.

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