Dudu Myeni Slaps Camera Out Of A Journalist’s Hand

Watch as former CEO of South African Airways, Dudu Myeni, slaps a camera out of Journalist’s hand outside court.

It is shocking what most people do when they’re vexed. A journalist for Sunday Times was left stunned following an encounter with Dudu Myeni after a court session in Pietermaritzburg High Court.

The photojournalist named Sandile Ndlovu was caught in a video doing his job when former CEO of South African Airways, Dudu Myeni, slapped a camera out of his hand. The footage shows Ndlovu continuing his job of snapping images of people in court after the act.

Carl Niehaus, Nkosentsha Shezi, and Dudu Zuma are caught in the video. Niehaus walks next to Myeni, and then she grabs hold of Ndlovu’s lens and his bag. Ndlovu is seen stepping back to get Myeni to free him until she does and walks off. Niehaus is then seen talking to the camera man.


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