Dudula Trends Following Criticism By Malema

Operation Dudula trends following recent criticism by President, and President Ramaphosa.

You may have noticed Dudula blowing up the trends yesterday and today. Everyone seems to be talking about a recent interview granted by the President, where he spoke about being “threatened” by the Operation Dudula movement.

He referred to them as “small kids with small brains like peanuts”. In his own words, he cannot be threatened by people who imitate him. He also revealed that he is fighting for a much bigger cause and would not waste his time worrying about them. President Ramaphosa has also criticized the movement saying its members do not abide by the law.

has since blown up with reactions to Malema’s comments. Many have opined that Operation Dudula is fighting against illegal foreigners and drug Lords have been menaces to the country. They have also hailed the Operation Dudula movement for helping fight ills in several communities in the country. Check out some of the tweets below.

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