Duduzane Zuma’s Cameo Appearance On RHOD Has Mzansi Speculating

Duduzane Zuma making an appearance on an episode of The Real Housewives of Durban is not something many expect. But that was exactly what happened recently, further stoking rumours that the ]twi are dating.

On a recent episode of the reality show, Duduzane Zuma made a cameo appearance and met with cast member Nonku Williams. He was also introduced to Sorisha Naidoo, another cast member.

His appearance was as unexpected as can be imagined and further stoked rumours that he is dating Nonku.

Rumours about them dating have been flying about for a while but they have neither confirmed nor denied dating. The rumours were especially strong when the two of them were photographed having dinner together.

With the recent cameo appearance, Duduzane Zuma has invariably cemented the rumours that he has something going on with Nonku.

The politician has presidential ambitions and has already received blessings from Noinku Willams and Jojo Robinson (another RHOD cast member) in his bid to be the next president of South Africa.

While it cannot be confirmed whether Nonku and Dudu are actually dating right now, they cannot possibly hide that aspect of their lives forever. Soon enough, the truth will spill into the open. Stay tuned.

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