Dumi Mkokstad And Vusi Nova Release Yibanathi Music Video

Dumi Mkokstad and Vusi Nova finally release the "Yibanatha" music video

and Vusi Nova finally release the music video for their collaboration “Yibanatha”.

Friday came with many blessings and we love that this is one of them. For so long, fans have been waiting on the release of the music video for and Vusi Nova’s cllaborative song “Yibanathi”.

Fans have been rejoicing about the collaboration for about a month now. Since dropping the song, they have been sharing teasers from the video to build up anticipation for it. Finally, on Friday, August 14, the video was released. It sees the two artists depicted as angels on earth.

The new video was directed by Da Mos who does a really impressive job at it. and Vusi are the only perfect looking beings in the world depicted in the visual. At some point they are seen laying a beloved one to rest. This actually exceeds expectations and we love it so much.

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